Business owners constantly shift between adopting AI and pursuing original and authentic images. Accommodating all these shifts is tricky for marketers. The same holds for email designs as well. While 2023 saw an immense rise in AI tools and systems, 2024 is gearing up to bring everything in praxis. 

Let us look into a few predictable design trends that you can expect to sweep the floor of email marketing in 2024. 

1. Sustainability and Accessibility

As a brand, you are responsible for looking after the environment and ensuring that your business adopts eco-friendly practices. Companies often showcase their allegiance to protecting and saving nature. This also improves your engagement rate and motivates buyers to shop from you.

You can include a message in your emails that represents you as a socially and environmentally responsible brand by recording your eco-friendly practice or introducing green colors and nature motifs. 

You can perform the following tasks to present yourself as a sustainable brand: 

  • Represent yourself as a brand devoted to the environmental cause by sharing your endeavors via social platforms
  • Lead awareness programs to make your audience aware of your conservation campaigns
  • Build an environmentally aware community

Introducing accessibility is crucial to increasing inclusivity and equity in your brand. Therefore, Including this aspect in your email marketing campaigns is also essential. You can do so by taking the following steps: 

  1. Optimize the readability of your email
  2. Make the interactive email content mobile-friendly
  3. You can add blocks so it is consistent across different screen sizes 
  4. Use contrasting colors in texts and backgrounds
  5. Add legible and easy-to-understand texts
  6. Introduce dark mode in your emails 
  7. Implement an image-text ratio of 80:20 to keep your audience engaged 
  8. Add links and buttons distinctly so your colorblind audience can know where to click
  9. Add a switch so that users can increase or decrease text size

2. Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages 

AMP might be new to making breakthroughs, but If you can make interactive email, you can increase your click-through rate significantly. It is found that buyers are more interested in purchasing from quirky and fun brands. As they provide multiple benefits, AMPs continue to be used by several brands. Interactive content will continue to uplift in 2024 for its entertainment factor and personalized experience. You can add GIFs to your emails, which will do the trick for you. You can do the following to create excellent AMPs.

  1. Add GIFs
  2. Include video-styled links in your emails
  3. Carousel is a new and very attractive email design trend that you can also include in your emails
  4. Use polls to prioritize the audience’s voice
  5. Send in a quick survey to enquire about how your users liked the quality of your products

Currently, several email design tools and software enable you to incorporate surveys and polls in your emails. Besides this, you can collect all information in one place and get a detailed report. 

In addition, digital website editors are a boon for marketers as these are usually equipped with ready-to-use, customizable email templates that you can use with the least effort. This reduces the coding effort, so you can devote less time and create more designs.

3. AI-Powered Tools

The AI dominance is overpowering in today’s digital space. The same remains a constant in 2024 as well. We will move forward toward a time when new platforms, assistants, and solutions are predominantly used in the market. 

Being an email marketer, you can adopt AI in your email marketing campaigns by doing the following:

  1. Use AI email software to navigate through countless subscriber data to understand patterns
  2. Optimize your emails with personalization using AI-powered tools
  3. Add accurate target audience segmentation
  4. Streamline your process
  5. Track and analyze your data
  6. Create email copies in a time-efficient manner
  7. Generate appropriate copyright-free visuals with tools like Dall-E

4. Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-personalization is going to be a booming trend in 2024. This trend is going to be a winning strategy in the future. As per Campaign Monitor, personalization in emails leads to a 30 percent email opening rate, which is fascinating because non-personalized email designs have an open rate of less than 20 percent. 

How can you implement hyper-personalization in your emails? 

You can follow the given tips to include hyper-personalization in your emails: 

  1. Customize each email so your audience feels the emails are made just for them
  2. Focus on segmentation inherently
  3. Utilize Postcards so you can develop a wide array of personalized newsletters
  4. Adopt ESP to include dynamic content in a template to move your audience
  5. Frame different CTA locations, text sizes, text colors, and promotional banners with specific audience personas in mind
  6. Adopt different language and tone for different audience personas in your content copy
  7. Select the suitable multimedia and the way of presentation

5. Gamified Design

Aren’t games a hit with everyone? This is what makes this email design trend a favorite among marketers, but the issue is that it comes with its challenges. The issue with gamification is that the system crashes and burns very quickly. 

Despite these issues, creating a gamified experience significantly improves your engagement rate. Therefore, you can establish a distinct brand presence by including gamification in your emails. 

How do you include gamification in your emails? 

  1. You can simply do the following tricks to create gamified experiences: 
  2. Add game elements such as puzzles, quizzes, fortune wheels, coupons, scratch cards, and more
  3. Add a reward
  4. Generate a sense of competition
  5. Dedicate your gaming efforts to special holidays, events, or festivities
  6. Build a customer loyalty program
  7. Generate themed campaigns around special events 

You must not overdo this trend, as too much to anything does not produce compelling results. It is necessary to reduce technological flaws and ensure that your endeavors are safe. 

6. Dark Mode Email Design

Dark mode is a popular and promising trend in 2024. It is a great technique to protect the user’s eyes. Also, the dark mode calms the mind and provides a unique opportunity to create contrasting colors and highlight specific colors and features. 

Be mindful of the following email design trends for successful results from your email marketing campaigns: 

  1. Create the dark mode email design with precision, including well-defined colors for clarity 
  2. Use contrasting colors to highlight important links and buttons
  3. Do not use high-saturation
  4. Try not to use pure white and pitch-black themes
  5. Perform A/B Testing for both light and dark modes

7. Nostalgia

Nostalgic Designs appeared in 2023, and it appears that it is going to be a significant trend in 2024 as well. The purpose and craze behind the trend is to create and remind people of fond memories etched in the mind for generations and evoke dear sentiments. 

For example, we have a particular jingle based on a very popular song that everybody relates to. 

As an email marketer, you can adopt a strategy where you play around with geometric shapes and fonts that people are more interested in looking at in their childhood. Try to strike a balance between nostalgia and contemporary, and you will make a statement. 

Be mindful of the following tips to ace this trend:

  1. Carefully select the typography, typeface, monochromatic color schemes, and design elements to exactly match the era you wish to portray 
  2. Ensure the typography is easy to read and legible
  3. Keep your elements practically uncluttered and clear 
  4. Include a minimalistic email design

8. Be Creative With Typography

As we discussed how it is beneficial to practice sustainability in your brand marketing strategy, keeping your designs simple and far from image overload is crucial. You can use typography to increase visual appeal and hook your customers to themselves. Especially if your marketing campaign does not include any images, your typography must be attractive enough to attract user attention. 

Creative typography design is one of the most essential elements of email marketing. Using the appropriate typography, you can achieve the following: 

  • Create a balanced and nuanced email design
  • Highlight the key message
  • Build an appropriate atmosphere for your audience
  • Engage subscribers

Besides being informative, it adds to the entertainment factor and enhances accessibility as well. 

Follow these tips to ensure your typography is right on point: 

  1. Keep your design simple and uncluttered
  2. Include only one typeface
  3. Make your statement bold, but try not to overwhelm your audience
  4. Align your posts with the inverted pyramid principles
  5. Make sure that your email follows the main theme
  6. Leave ample white spaces 
  7. Include smart pairing options
  8. Focus on increasing the readability
  9. Make your designs mobile-friendly
  10. Include predictive analytics

Wrapping Up

Businesses tend to fall back to old habits and practices in an attempt to preserve their history and traditions. However, it is important to adopt changes and technological advancements in your email marketing campaigns so your designs evolve with time. 

Following the above-shared tips will help you become a relevant and valued brand in the industry, irrespective of the niche and size. Some trends pop out abruptly and disappear very soon as well; however, it helps you develop a strong connection with your target audience. By following these email design trends, you can improve your email marketing strategy and take your growth to the next level. 

It is vital to keep up with the upcoming trends to grow and claim a top position in the market. Are you wondering how you can improve your email marketing strategies by imbibing new trends? We are here to help

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